How has the Sharon real estate market performed over the past year? Contact me to learn about any other community.

The Town of Sharon has seen another year of appreciating home values, although less dramatic than the prior year. The number of real estate transactions has decreased significantly from calendar year 2013. Based on MLS data for single-family houses, here is a year-to-year comparison of houses sold in Sharon:


Houses sold: 247

Average days-on-market: 76

Average sales price: $521,750

Average selling price/list price ratio: 98%


Houses sold: 188

Average days-on-market: 62

Average sales price: $532,817

Average selling price/list price ratio: 98.7%

This chart indicates a stabilization of average selling price as well as a significant decrease in marketing time.

The following market data will give you a look at specific price ranges and market performance for houses sold in 2014:

Under $300k:   10  houses sold

$300-400k        44 houses sold

$400-500k        39 houses sold

$500-600k        33 houses sold

$600-700k        32 houses sold

$700-800k        19 houses sold

$800-900k         6 houses sold 

$900-1 mil         2 houses sold

Over $1mil        3houses sold

Almost every price range shows a decrease in # of houses sold in 2014 as compared to calendar year 2013.

So, what’s happening so far in 2015? The supply of houses available for sale in Sharon is very limited, as of 2/24/2015 there are only 26 houses listed for sale through  MLS database.

House inventory:

Under $300k    1

$300-400k       3

$400-500k       3

$500-600k       3

$600-700k       2

$700-800k       3

$800-900k       5

$900- 1 mil      4

Over $1 mil     2

This in part due to the harsh weather and historic snowfall and should result in more listings as we approach the spring weather and spring real estate market. The drop in mortgage interest rates has kept prospective buyers active in their search throughout the winter.